Rates and Fees

Applying online for an installment loan is completely free of charge. We will not be lending you the money but can find you one based on the information supplied in your application. We do not influence the cost of your loan, the loan fees, or interest rate of the loan you are offered. Your loan fees and rates will vary depending on a number of different factors and you can expect them to be higher than what you would find on a traditional bank loan, like a home equity loan or a mortgage.

All the details will be thoroughly explained and disclosed by your lender once your loan has been approved. Once you are matched with a lender and receive an offer, you must review all the information thoroughly so that you fully understand everything in the agreement, which includes the amount of the loan, the fees, interest rate and all the other details. You are under no obligation whatsoever to agree to these terms, but once you sign the agreement you are bound by the agreement.

For any questions about the loan, fees or the rates offered, please discuss these directly with your lender. We claim no responsibility or liability when it comes to your application or any representations made by lenders that we have referred to you. Thank you for your interest and appreciate you trusting us with your financial needs.


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